The Traditional Method vs The Trenchless Method

The Trenchless Advantage

Using the environmentally friendly trenchless method allows homeowners to replace old and/or damaged sewer lines without service interruptions and minimal disturbance to the project site. Only two small holes are dug; the insertion hole and the exit hole. This permits the new pipe to follow the same path as the old and be reconnected on each end.

  • Trenchless technology saves time and money
  • Avoid excavation of your yard that result in costly re-landscaping costs
  • Prevent costly backfill, compaction and possible compaction testing fees
  • New HDPE pipe eliminates joints that allow root intrusion

How Trenchless Works

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement leaves your lawn and your wallet intact.

When performing the trenchless method also known as "pipe bursting", a cone shaped bursting head is pulled through the existing pipe that is being replaced, using steel cable. The bursting head breaks the existing pipe apart and pushes the broken pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling the new pipe into place behind it. The bursting head is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the new pipe, thereby expanding the soil in the process of pulling. This reduces friction on the new pipe, provides space for maneuvering, and allows for the inclusion of the fragmented pieces of old pipe.

The Benefits of Choosing the Trenchless Method

  • Saves landscaping! No yard mess to clean up, less stress on the neighbours and neighbourhood, and easier for your family and household.
  • Fast repairs mean shorter project time, no need to leave your home, and no disruption of service!
  • Lower cost, saves time, labor, equipment and money!
  • Minimal Staging Area/project site.

Superior Pipe Material

The Trenchless Titan uses High Density Polyethylene pipe (HDPE), one of the best and most cost effective types of pipe on the market today. Because it is strong, extremely tough and very durable, HDPE, does not rust, rot, pit, or corrode. It offers better overall resistance to corrosive acids, salts and the most "aggressive" naturally occurring soils.

The extremely smooth surface of the HDPE pipe allows for superior flow. The smoothness of the surface inhibits bacterial growth, resists scale and other biological build-ups within the pipe. HDPE pipe is approved by, and manufactured under the standards of AWWA, EPA, DOT, and other nationally recognized agencies.

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Marin County Residents: Experiencing backups or have a slow-running pipe? Ross Valley Sanitary District will pay up to $1,500. Other sanitary districts in the County offer loan and/or grant programs. Contact your district for more details.