Did You Know?

Home-owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair/replacement of the sewer lines running from their house to the street. Because the sewer pipe was most likely installed when the home was originally built, the pipes can be old, outdated, cracked and/or broken allowing raw sewage to seep into the ground and onto your property.

Your Outdoor Sewer Experts!

Based in Central Marin County the team at Hardiman Construction's Trenchless Titan are the San Francisco Bay Area's number one trenchless pipe and sewer repair experts.

The Bay Area's Sewer Experts!

The sewer repair professionals of Hardiman Construction have over 30 years of experience in sewer pipe projects throughout the Bay Area. We service ALL sewer needs in Marin County. No matter what your situation, the team at Hardiman Construction Trenchless Titan can inspect, maintain, repair or replace any sewer line. There is no project too big or too small. We provide service to residential, commercial, and business customers as well as cities and counties. Before you dig call or email Hardiman Construction Trenchless Titan for a FREE consultation.

Why a Sewer Inspection?

If you are selling a home or purchasing a home sewer inspections may be required. A sewer inspection is a valuable tool that allows you to detect any problems/issues in your sewer line and possibly avoid more expensive repairs in the future or a sudden surprise during the contingency phase of a real estate transaction.

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Marin County Residents: Experiencing backups or have a slow-running pipe? Ross Valley Sanitary District will pay up to $1,500. Other sanitary districts in the County offer loan and/or grant programs. Contact your district for more details.